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How can I determine the value of my work of architecture?

As this can be subjective, a useful clue can be found by looking at the lifecycle of the work the architect is involved in and objectively measuring one or more of the following key attributes: the place or location the quality of the design the quality of the building the sustainability the chosen materials

How do you balance function with aesthetic appeal?

A key aspect of architectural design is the balance between functionality and aesthetics. While the functional aspects of a building are critical, aesthetics can make a significant impact on the building's success.

What is our architectural philosophy?

There are no templates for Modern Architecture. That's why we work closely with our clients to turn their custom dream home designs into reality. Together, we pursue singularity in concept and form. Clean and simple, but also beautiful and rich. We put an emphasis on the expression of each design, removing unnecessary clutter. That allows us to honor in on our clients' vision, concepts and needs. We specialize in sustainable, green design for residential and commercial projects of any scale or budget. We love the challenge of small projects.

How to choose the right architec

Because working with your architect takes time and money, it's important that you agree on certain details. The best architect for you is one who tries to understand your vision and whose process is clear to you from day one. We always strive to respond to customer requests and understand what our customers want. Don't hesitate to speak with us, about your projekt.

What are the studio opening hours?

We are available for you on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Of course, we offer individual appointments for your planning that are independent of these times.

Design a perfect home

"Each new situation requires a new architecture."

– Jean Nouvel