Architectural Services

“The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.” – Frank Lloyd Wright


The architect: a generalist?

That’s how we understand it. All threads come together with the architect, he harmonises all trades and requirements.

Together with specialist planners, we develop precise, state-of-the-art projects in dialogue with our customers.

We work interdisciplinary, target-oriented and solution-oriented. Despite cost-conscious planning, we develop high-quality and sustainable buildings.

Through the targeted use of ecological and pollutant-free building materials, resources are conserved and a „healthy“ structural environment is created.


Architectural Photography

As architectural photographer we are an individual who specializes in photographing a variety of architectural products, from skyscrapers to artistic works like furniture and sculptures.

We as skilled photographer have deep experience in understanding how to best represent the architecture piece(s) for audiences to consume. We are able to best capture the beauty, and unique aspects of your creations for a variety of advertising purposes.

In hiring us as an architectural photographer, you are paying for an expert in the field. We will possess knowledge of how to best depict and document a built structure.

High-quality images with a variety of cameras from different angles, and then deliver a library of properly edited photos for your use.

By enlisting our  professional photographer service, you are making a positive investment in your business both today and the future.


Interior architecture is the practice of sensitively and innovatively redesigning an existing interior space, while respecting its historical value.

As well as considering aesthetic design, interior architecture focuses on the functionality and material construction of interior spaces.

It addresses structural elements like window and door placements, ventilation, heating and plumbing, as well as interior decoration.

The below plan reflect how interior architecture is centred around adaptive reuse, where an art gallery has been redesigned to become a refugee hub.

In the design, key characteristics of the original building have been retained and highlighted to help tell the story of the building’s past.

Let’s improve our spatial environment