About us

We are an international team of architects and designers dedicated to efficient and creative residential design.


We accompany them from design to execution. Our goal is to build a strong alliance with you, based on trust and respect. With this foundation and our expertise, we will incorporate your vision into the design of your home or project.

Archi+ is a modern architectural firm with expertise in designing homes.

We want to transform the way people live positively. Our services begin with a pre-design feasibility study that not only takes building codes and budgets into account, but goes further by studying your wishes, which then feeds our expertise throughout the project, from on-site work to construction details.

Our work includes topos analysis, modern and appropriate design, natural materials and elegant, open, flowing spaces. We also specialize in architectural photography and commercials to market your property or product.


The architect: a generalist?

That’s how we understand it. All threads come together with the architect, he harmonises all trades and requirements. Together with specialist planners, we develop precise, state-of-the-art projects in dialogue with our customers.

We work interdisciplinary, target-oriented and solution-oriented. Despite cost-conscious planning, we develop high-quality and sustainable buildings.

Through the targeted use of ecological and pollutant-free building materials, resources are conserved and a „healthy“ structural environment is created.


Architecture, Room / interior design, furnishings and design are the areas in which we work. We design, plan and implement new buildings and adapt existing buildings
-also listed buildings- current needs and requirements. The focus and reduction to the essentials of the modern design are in the foreground.
The focus here is on permanent and temporary living; business and administration; culture, education and leisure. Each planning service can be booked individually. For example, the preliminary planning through the design to the building application. Or the execution plan..

We work in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Ukraine and Worldwide.

Born in europa, active worldwide!


A basis of our work is the intensive analysis of the location (topos) and the inventory.Our work fits harmoniously into the local structure. Depending on the topos: reserved as a convergent installation or energetic as a contrast.

Another basis is the close dialogue with the customer. A clear concept emerges from an idea. This structure runs through the entire project. In the current and modern architectural language, an individual solution is created for each new construction task, which is tailored precisely to the needs of the client.

On request, we can also create 3D animations, photo renderings and models in addition to construction drawings. We specialize in CAD, image – and film processing.


We will provide you with a favorable and individual offer based on the Hoai (Germany) or other fees for architects and engineers. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote for our architecture services and other design and photo services.