Frank Decker


„I think architecture is a fundamentally optimistic art. As an architect, you have to believe in the future. You can’t be a cynic or a skeptic, or you wouldn’t be an architect.“
-Daniel Libeskind

I see the primary task of an architect in the optimal implementation of the wishes of my clients. To advise the clients competently, to explore the many possibilities with them and to accompany the project with them from the first draft to completion.

Architecture is not only a creative design adapted to the environment, but it should serve the development of people, their personality, their activities and their well-being. Buildings should therefore neither dominate nor constrict, but provide an optimal framework.

Architecture is successful when a certain continuity of the quality impression of the building, its interiors and the surrounding outdoor spaces is achieved. We try to create an architecture in which we ourselves would like to live.

Frank Decker was born in Cologne. In his parents‘ craft business, he trained as a craftsman until he became a master craftsman. He then studied architecture at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences under Prof. Hermanns and Prof. Machens. The focus of his studies was on design and construction. Design theory, interior design and architectural photography were further focal points. He successfully completed his studies with a master degree in architecture.

Initially, he worked freelance – in cooperation with other architects – on projects and carried out architectural photography assignments for various trade magazines. In 2013 he founded his own office „Archi+“ in Oberstdorf. In addition to projects in Germany, he also worked on projects in Italy,
Ukraine, Canada, Switzerland and France.

Modern architecture paired with our space-optimized and creative design are our specialty. We can create spaces, with minimal space.

Born in Europe, working worldwide.